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Turn your referrals into profit with our Affiliate Program. Share your exclusive link and earn 10% in recurring commissions.

Why Become an EasyTV Affiliate?

The partnership you’ll love to share with EasyTV.

Market Potential

EasyTV targets a broad and growing market, offering significant potential to acquire new customers and generate commissions. Discover the possibilities with EasyTV today.

Earn Extra Income

Earn Extra Income. EasyTV offers a recurring commission of 10% on the monthly subscription paid by referred customers, meaning you will continue to receive commissions effortlessly as long as the customer maintains their subscription.

Zero Cost

There are no upfront costs to become an affiliate, which means you can start promoting EasyTV and earning commissions without any financial investment.

Here’s how the EasyTV Affiliate Program works

Sign up

Sign up through the form to access all the exclusive benefits of our affiliate program.


Share your personalized link with your entire audience through social media, emails, sales pages, or wherever you prefer. The more you promote, the more you will earn.


Earn a 10% commission for each screen. Additionally, you will continue to receive the same commission percentage for each monthly payment made by your client.

Advantages of Becoming an EasyTV Affiliate

Regular Payment

EasyTV’s broad and growing market offers great potential for acquiring new clients and generating commissions.

Recurring Earnings

10% commissions guaranteed whenever someone who purchased through your link pays a monthly fee.

No time limit

No time limit – as long as the customer keeps their subscription active, you keep earning.

How can I profit?

Some examples of how our affiliate program boosts your profits


Promote our products to your clients and increase your earnings with attractive commissions.

Marketing Agencies

Promote our products to your clients and boost your earnings with attractive commissions.


Promote our products to your franchise clients and increase your earnings with attractive commissions.

And much more!

No matter your type of business or field of expertise, achieve high earnings by monetizing your audience or content in a simple and reliable way.

Is your business an agency?

We have an exclusive partnership program just for you!

Perguntas frequentes

What is EasyTV?

EasyTV is a global cloud-based digital signage software approved by Amazon.com, allowing you to display any targeted content on the screens of your establishment.

What is the EasyTV Affiliate Program and how does it work?

In our affiliate program, participants can refer our tool using their trackable partner link. Once a sale is made through the referral, the affiliate receives a 10% commission for each payment made by the final customer.

Example: when a customer subscribes to a monthly payment plan, each monthly payment will generate a 10% commission for the referring partner.

Important to note: only active and compliant subscriptions generate commissions.

What EasyTV products can I refer?

You can refer the single plan at $20/month, which can vary depending on the additional features purchased. (Example: number of screens, users, and storage). The extra costs will also be added to your commissions.

When and how will I receive my commission?

Commission payments are made at the end of each month. Payments will be completed through PayPal. The minimum payout amount is $300 (USD).

Como eu posso divulgar meu link de afiliado EasyTV?

Você pode divulgar seu link utilizando sites, redes sociais, blogs, newsletters, em comunicação direta com seus clientes (seja por e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, entre outros) e também em suas reuniões e palestras.

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