EasyTV - Digital Signage Solution Approved by Amazon - Amazon Fire Stick TV

Digital Signage solution That Connects your space, and people and spread your message the easy way.

√ Set up your screen in seconds
√ No Tech Skills required
√ Easy Manage and Schedule contents

*No credit card needed.

EasyTV - Digital Signage Solution Approved by Amazon - Amazon Fire Stick TV

EasyTV is the preferred choice of industry for delivering content to thousands of people with worthwhile integrations

EasyTV customers
EasyTV customer - Harvest English Institute
EasyTV customer - Family Church
EasyTV customer - Rokkas Market
EasyTV customer - Macro Baby
EasyTV customer - The Pizza Press
EasyTV customer - Casa do Sono
EasyTV customer - Gratitude Restaurant
EasyTV customer - Fabiano Calabasas Saloon
EasyTV customer - Tonys restaurant
EasyTV customer - Art House Brazil


Easy Manage and display content
on your screens with one click

Media on Multiple Screens

Utilize the impact of videos and pictures to create a memorable message. Additionally, you can showcase documents, web pages, YouTube videos, and live streams. Explore our collection of free stock images and videos.

Scheduling & Screen Management

Use the content schedule feature to ensure that your audience sees the right content at the optimal times. Our online platform allows you to easily manage a large number of screens and upload, edit, and display content remotely.

Free Widgets & Layouts

Showcase engaging and valuable content that your audience will enjoy and find useful, such as weather updates and news tickers. These can be added to our selection of free, fully customizable screen layout templates

EasyTV integration with Youtube
EasyTV integration with Google Reviews
EasyTV integration with Instagram
EasyTV How to Use


Simplify your life

EasyTV is an affordable cloud-based digital signage platform that allows businesses to turn their TVs into professional screens in minutes. It features a simple interface and allows for real-time updates at multiple locations.

Additionally, EasyTV’s tablet version helps businesses grow on Google Reviews, capture leads, and gather data. It works like a totem, effectively communicating with the audience and providing valuable insights.

3 steps

Getting started

01 – Create a trial account, It’s free!

02 – Install the EasyTV app on your Amazon Fire Stick TV.

03 – Ready to use!


Thanks to EasyTV for solving the communication problem we had with our students. Today we can quickly update all Screens directly from our office direct to our schools in USA.

Paulo Pacheco

Head of Marketing, Harvest English Institute

We are a church with 6 locations and before the EasyTV we needed to update our TVs via Thumb Drivers. Now we update our TVs remotely an all works perfect. I recommend EasyTV.

Filipe Mendes

Director of Web Technology, Family Church


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